Discipline Policy / Bahavior Management


We recognize that positive discipline teaches and encourages the healthy development of a child’s self esteem. We do not allow the use of corporal punishment by caregivers. Instead, we use the re-direction method.

This is a method of presenting a different activity, giving the child opportunities to choose another area or stay with the current activity, which helps the child gain self-control through learning appropriate behavior, and avoids conforming to adult standards.

We urge you to discuss any specific concerns with the re-direction method with the Director. We do not allow bullying, fighting or verbal abuse. Our Executive Director handles these issues. The child is first given a warning, then given time away from the other children or deprived of a favorite activity.

If this does not work, the parent is called in for a conference. If the behavior continues we ask you to find another school. You will receive a “Discipline Policy for School Age Children” in your enrollment packet for Before/After School Care. If you do not receive this please ask the front desk for one.

Each of our classrooms is equipped with exciting, challenging, and educational materials. We strongly encourage children to leave their own toys at home due to the risk of damage, sharing issues, or loss. We cannot be responsible for items brought from home.